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The Internet of Things (IoT) is exploding our lives on a daily basis with baffling yet intelligible possibilities. Every device is connecting to the other to make our lives simple and surreal. A research says 11.2bn things will be connected in 2018, going up to 20.4bn in 2020.

Have you imagined how you can be at the core of this IoT revolution, exploiting the very best for you and your near ones?

Our range of solutions

Embrace Your smart life with multi-faceted digital solutions


Suit your moods

Would you like the blinds to close on your eyes as the sun rises in the east? Or a cup of coffee poured in as you enter the kitchen. How about your living room turning a soothing blue as you come home after a weary day.

Let your smart home adjust to the temperature, mood or time of the day. Take in a virtual friend who understands you with our smart lighting, climate and motorization solutions.

Secure peace of mind

Traveling on work or leisure and worried about your empty home being a target for burglars? Wish to get alerts on your phone for any out-of-the-normal activities back home?

Improve your safety and peace of mind with our sensors and other security and surveillance control systems.


Have a blast

Want to watch a cricket match with your friends with the best digital experience? How can you integrate everyone’s entertainment preferences in multiple rooms onto a single platform?

Experience best-in-class entertainment experience with our multi-room audio and video automation solutions.

Why choose us?

At 7V Automation, we bring these imperative features of automation within your reach

Data Safety

The access to your home and your data are protected at the highest level - through the WAF and Anti-DDoS systems, encrypted communication using the TLS protocol and passwords using bcrypt.


The plug & play devices are ready for use immediately after unpacking and short configuration, the others are non-invasive during installation.

Voice control

Our solutions are compatible with voice control technologies such as Siri, Alexa, Ok Google, etc. Just tell the system what to do, and your wish will be fulfilled in seconds.

Remote access from anywhere

You can check the status of your devices as well as control your house from any place on Earth. As long as you’re connected to the Internet you can always see what’s going on in your house.

Save energy

You can monitor the amount of electricity used by home devices and easily identify which pieces of hardware keep on bumping up your bills. You can also program the system to help you make the most of the savings.


Most IP enabled devices can be completely integrated onto our platform quite easily. Further, our solutions are completely scalable for any advancement in technologies.

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Starter Home Automation Bundle available @ INR 38,300. Customized packages for small and large homes, bungalows, offices, hospitality, healthcare and other spaces.

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